20140313 GUAM 1日目(到着編) GUAM trip 1st day.

I went to four-day three-night trip to Guam.

グアム国際空港に到着し、最初の難関は入国審査! 2時間から3時間待ちの長ーい行列が出来ています。
I arrived at Guam International Airport in the afternoon.It takes 3 hours from 2 hours to immigration.

しかも、このエリアは携帯電話、カメラは使用禁止。暇つぶしにツイッターをしていると、"ケイタイ ノー"とか言われて、係員に怒られます。
Furthermore, the use of a cell-phone and the camera is prohibited in this area.It is a warning to the attendant when you twitter to kill time.

It's that been standing for three hours on tired for a long time by plane, it is not good for the elderly.

Now, After I pass through immigration, check in to the hotel.

It immediately, I'm going to borrow a bicycle to a convenience store in Osaka.

I plan to go around over two days Guam.
I as soon as possible because I want to starting the next morning, I leave rent a bicycle at tonight.

I was planning to go to the convenience store Osaka walk from the hotel.
However reservation time because it was too, I take a taxi.

ハウマッチ? テンダラー。 (高い…でも時間が無い。) オオOK、OK!(だから日本人はぼられるんだね。)
HAU MACCHI ?  TEN DARAA (Too expensive. But, I would be late.) OO OOKEI (Japanese would be an expensive shopping.)

I arrived a few minutes. If Japan is the distance of the initial fee.

In fact, I borrowed a bicycle in here, convenience store Osaka when I traveled in Guam 11 years ago.

I run a long distance this time. Therefore, I did pre-order by an email to prepare a bicycle of the good condition.
Now, the convenience store in Osaka, is a famous shop that knows almost anyone who has ever been to Guam.

The outside of the shop, there is a big sign with the "Store of Japanese management".

The owner is a Japanese certainly. However, the rest of the staff is not Japanese.

then enter the shop, I told the staff that I have are reserved.

レンタルバイク? ハウメニピーポー? ハウメニデイズ? (いやいや、予約しているはずなんだけど)
Rental bike? How many people? How many days? (Although I'm supposed are reserved.)

ヒトリ。 スリーデイズ。 (予約表も何も見てないぞ。)
One person. Three days.   (She did not look at the reservation table.)

Please sign this form.Fee of three days is $ 45.Deposit is $ 10.

People of the United States is easygoing.
Reservation time because it was past the Japanese cowardly, rushed by taxi to pay even $ 10.

Bicycle staff does not speak Japanese.I chose the bike outside the store.

The previous, I borrowed a giant bicycle. It did not run long distance Botom brakcket is so rattled.

This shop was introduced to a new bike last year.I will find it.

ラッキー! 一台だけGTの新車がありました。タイヤにイボイボが残っています。チェーンも錆びていません。
I am lucky.I found a new bike of the GT. It's a new Tire and new chain.

Bottle cage is not attached to the bike.

It is a product of the same level as the fake mountain bike you are selling to the home center of Japan.

The bed early today, I will prepare for tomorrow.


The next morning, convenience store Osaka to prepare for the opening. And GT.


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